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Offline Jason Kvestad  
#1 Posted : Sunday, September 29, 2013 8:30:22 PM(UTC)
Jason Kvestad

Joined: 9/24/2013(UTC)
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Location is most important, suburban, rural remote etc do yo u want.
Coastal, inland, dense forrest, sparse, riverine, montane. Surrounding population, type of vegetation, natives invasives plants n animals. 

Neighbors is the second most important factor, enemies will ruin an ideal piece of land, family will make it more of your dream. Will the contribute ignorant pollution from noise or animals.

Distance to services like tools, hospitals and goods.
Electric lines available or are you going for off grid? Gas? Internet, phone, water lines, sewage etc.

Transport for self, others and goods. Cars, buses, 4wd, biking, Walking? Public services like mail delivery, ambulance, fire or work vehicles.

Climate tropic? how long is your dry season how wet is your annual rainfall? Future issue with sea level, erosion, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts etc.

Universal forces desired for sun, wind, rain, soil and methods or abilites for altering them?

Gradient or slopes, too steep or too flat? How possible are dams, swales, drainage, ponds, road, houses. Does the slope face towards or away from the sun? North or south hemisphere, enabling enough sun and warmth or lack of it.

History, previous owners, farming, animals, drilling, mining, factories, herbicides etc.Type of soil, is it clay, sandy, fertile or make adobe bricks, dams, roads. 

Local legal rights, constraints, elevation, depth of topsoil, risks of war, poisonous insects or animals.

Try to answer this here or at least on your own before making any purchases. Goodluck!

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Offline Jason Kvestad  
#2 Posted : Sunday, September 29, 2013 10:01:43 PM(UTC)
Jason Kvestad

Joined: 9/24/2013(UTC)
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Determine what plants are priority and what they require for optimal growth. One of mine is durian which needs about 200mm or 80 inches of rain a year and tempuratures with a medium of 72 degrees. Too much rain can mess up flowering and harvest and too cold of temps will kill the tree.

Determine how many acres you will want to either feed your family, yourself or whatever you plan on.

Papayas yield 50 to 300lbs per year per plant in 6 to 12 month from seed. Papayas can have about 350 plants per acre.

Bananas produce 150 to 200 bananas on each stem taking 9 to18 months from sprout. Desiring 80 to 200 inches of rain annually.

1 banano is maybe 100 calories at 3k a day 30bad 30x360=11,000 bananas a year lets say 12 to be safer. So 12,000÷175
=68.5 banana stems. Claims of 1300 banana stems per acre are que paso.

note these are agricultural numbers and likely nearly maxed out. One quarter or less is likely if well maintained on less strict production standards. So lets say 2 acres of bananas and papayas gets you bananas for 4 people and papayas for what was that math, of course.. I didnt do it yet.. 1lb is about 200 calories. 15lbs a day of papaya for 3k cals? Yum. 15x365=5,475. So lol medium is 175 again? 175lbs×61,250lbs per acre divized by 4 is 15,000 ish. So.. on the safer side of lazy mans agriculture.

1 acre of papayas feeds 3 people
1 acre of bananas feeds 4 people

now lets do the veggie math together!

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Offline Mike Turner  
#3 Posted : Thursday, April 09, 2015 10:48:04 PM(UTC)
Mike Turner

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Rawbert, Hello. Mike Turner here. New member. I am so happy to find you and your page. Your video and story has brought light to my search in the dark. I have been looking for the same thing you are actually and already doing, major props. Me and my family have been looking all over Florida for a small farm/land and when i decided on Naples your page poped up and it really sealed the deal to see someone already doing it and all the fruits etc you are growing so fast and the fact that you are so welcoming gives me hope. I hope there is a lot of people like you there. I spent several years on the west coast (California) where i learned a whole new way of life that flows with a positive life style and sustainable living with less stress than the norm of society and city life as in what is expected as the norm. I would really love some leads on how and where you found your property, especially foreclosures since we are on a budget of course. I hope i am not being invasive. We are all about community, sharing, growing and giving. I have built artists communities in warehouses with tools and machinery and when i started on another project i gracefully walked away leaving the project in good hands and they still thrive today which helped many artists that will never know my name but i keep in touch with the studios and still get a great feeling out of it. I am older now and have kids and now its time to settle down and teach them a healthy way of life while they are young before it's too late instead of what their grandmother has installed in them, that "fast food is king" especially the golden arches, ha ( she is truly a sweet and caring person) that lives in another state, ha but they get sick from this food. I know it's not good and i dont want to force my life style on them but maybe slowly try to influence them. My adopted son from my wifes previous marriage wouldnt even touch any greens and said funny "I just dont like eating leaves" LOL, because laughing is all i can do for now. He is coming along and trying them on his own seeing a lot of it on the table. Their sweet kids and im growing on them slowly. I would love to get land close to other permaculture farmers or anywhere in Naples and network with you and the local permaculture community to learn what i am allowed and not allowed to do on certain lands. I have a city job and have access to free fruit trees already grafted in pots. I have a lot of coconuts that are sprouting because they wash up on land in one of the parks i clean up by a marina. I love the idea of any alternate energy. We are going out there to Naples soon to check properties, very likely this sunday actually. I want to find the right like minded people not just "a property" before i end up picking something with no community envolvement. We plan to buy a tractor and bring all of our tools etc. like i always am, we are very helpful and sharing people and know how golden information from someone who has been there done that is. I couldnt figure out how to write on an existing post without starting a new post. sorry for that.Thank you for existing, Mike
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