My first banana tree is fruiting!!! :)

Sep 09 2014


It’s a historical moment my friends!!

1.5 years after I started food foresting my first banana tree (I know botanically it’s not a tree, but it’s big and it gives fruit so..Smile with tongue out) started to fruit.

Since banana is the staple in my diet and the main crop of my farm I was a little anxious to see the first fruits!

Flower bulb emerging:


Hands are opening up fast, each of them have about 12-14 fruit:


I didn’t use any commercial fertilizer, didn’t spray them with anything, no pesticides or any other –cides.. Lots of mulch and other organic matter, full sun and a lot of water.

That’s all they need. Nature takes care of the rest.. :)

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Can’t wait for the taste test!!

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