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kryptonitecreated the topic: kryptonite

What is Ethereum? It’s a distributed virtual computer that anyone can securely run programs on and trust their results. Applications on...


kryptonitecreated the topic: Mining of crypto-currencies on P2pool

Mining of crypto-currencies on P2pool P2Pool is a decentralized mining pool implementation that provides mining operators with a secure, flexible...


MiaXcreated the topic: Nutrient-Rich Blueberries

At just 45 calories per 100 grams, or about 71 calories per cup, tiny, potent Wild Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and pack a serious...


Mike Turnerreplied to: When buy buying or purchasing land or property

Rawbert, Hello. Mike Turner here. New member. I am so happy to find you and your page. Your video and story has brought light to my search in the...


Byoungreplied to: Brandon here!

MY plan right now is to travel to Costa Rica this December 2015 and work on a fruit farm there for a few months. after getting back from that ill...


Dmitrireplied to: returning nutrients to the soil (to save the world)

I hear biochar is good for this.


Dmitrireplied to: peoples fascinations with lame plants

Haha, love the title. You're right, I think there are some plants that are just overrated, especially if you are looking to have a meal of...


help commented on My first banana tree is fruiting!!! :)



Dmitrireplied to: favorite fruits

Hmm, well it's pretty important to categorize them for climate, as well as chill hours. Like here in southern FL, we get frosts, so some...



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